Ann Demeulemeester SS17

As a young girl, I dreamed of having a voice in fashion…I worked hard to realise this dream and now I feel that I accomplished this mission. I always followed my own path.”    

Excerpt from Ann Demeulemeester departure letter.  2013

Sébastien Meunier has not only honoured Ann Demeulemeester as the creator, but has also respected her instincts that has enabled Demeulemeester to entrust her label to be carried forward into the future.  Proving that Meunier has continued to expand Demeulemeester’s dark romanticism, infusing his own influences of early Regency fashion à la Lord Byron mystique, a dark, mysterious and charming stylisation.  Coalesced with early 1980s new romantic styles.  

For Meunier’s Spring Summer 2017 collection the theme was expressed as “I AM RED WITH LOVE”.  A beautifully crafted new romantic flair, silk shirts, open collars.  Free flowing.  A rebel in love, which was also coined by Meunier for this collection.  The rebellious power, visionary, philosophical.  His appeal is the Byronic hero, residing in the shadows within his thoughts and desires.  A purity of the eros.   That is the charm of the devil-may-care dandy.

UJNG is now selling selective pieces from Demeulemeester’s Spring Summer 2017 collection, including the long black beautifully textured linen coat.  Elusive in it’s sophistication and mystery, a style that creates distinction.  The cotton/cashmere long black cardigan, with its prominent white striped stitching.  A bold statement of rebellion promoted by the “I am red with love” printed theme on the back.  Black, washed leather boots.  Soft and supple, the yellow shoelaces bound tightly against the achromatic.  The perfect balance of joy within the divine darkness where colour does not exist.    

To complement Ann Demeulemeester’s SS 2017 romantic and Gothic styles, UJNG are also offering a limited collection of Demeulemeester’s signature black and red feather sterling silver chain necklaces.  All are crafted in Europe with an expectational quality.  Once again, Meunier is honouring Ann Demeulemeester’s legacy and her interest in jewellery and accessories.

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