HELIOT EMIL: The future of smart-wear


Created by Danish designers and entrepreneurs Julius and Victor Juul, HELIOT EMIL is the new rising star of the fashion scene. The forward-thinking fashion label has taken the world by surprise with their first collection in 2017, presenting a never seen before utilitarian yet formal aesthetic. Inspired by brutalism architectures and recognisable for their monochromatic colour palette, HELIOT EMIL is taking its roots in Scandinavian tech-wear and unisex deconstructed tailoring. Their signature custom hardware and dramatic silhouettes have only improved since 2017, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.  


Heliot Emil clothing


HELIOT EMIL: The future of smart-wear

Heavily stylish, HELIOT EMIL’s classic looks will feature a layering of synthetic blazer/jacket and top, tightened with a harness or clutch bag, shiny or pocketed straight trousers and custom leather boots. HELIOT EMIL doesn’t answer to one particular style, crossing over trail wear, military influenced garments and tailoring. The brand doesn’t answer to the norm of fashion either, most pieces have their place in both gender’s wardrobes. HELIOT EMIL makes a point to consistently offer cutting edge unisex garments, making these gender-neutral pieces the stars of the show. For SS19 the company invested a lot more into their Research & Development, which helped them rise to new heights, creating and launching their iconic Liquid metal Pants and Leather Carabiner Box Bag for the first time.


Heliot Emil Tailoring

Liquid Metal fabric:

Since their first statements in 2017, Julius and Victor mentioned their will to put more attention to fabrics, pushing the boundaries of what is wearable. That is how they came up with a new grey/black extremely shiny fabric mimicking liquid metal. Visually striking and easily recognisable, the HELIOT EMIL Liquid Pant embodies HELIOT EMIL’s ambition to thrive for more. Sold out everywhere, theses hard to grab items were key to putting the brand on the map. The highly anticipated SS21 collection will offer a choice of jackets, overskirts and trousers featuring the new Black Liquid Metal fabric to the satisfaction of the fans.

Heliot Emil Liquid Metal Pants

Custom Hardware:

Designer Julius said in an early interview: “I’ve always been very drawn by the underground techno scene, industrial and brutalist constructions and process art in the conceptual-thinking sense.”

Nothing illustrates this statement better than the new HELIOT EMIL bags selection. Architecture like visuals, odd yet refined shapes combining metal hardware and Italian leather elements. Versatile harness bag, clutches and carabiner box bags that merge between club use and high fashion designs. HELIOT EMIL AW20 and SS21 Bag selection come at a time where clutches and mini-bags are a must with every look and becoming increasingly desirable. Once again the brand hits the mark by presenting its take on a classic.

Heliot Emil Leather Carabiner Box Bag

Heliot Emil Leather Strap box bag

Always ahead of the trend, HELIOT EMIL has already revealed their new signature silhouette heels for SS21, featuring a flat metal heel and a front metal sole, using materials usually exclusive to furniture design like brushed steel or aluminium. Customers can expect to find the SS21 in store and online beginning of spring 2021 at UJNG.

Heliot Emil Heel Boot



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