Tobias Birk Nielsen INSTINCTS SS21 - A new chapter in his Futurist Odyssey


The Odyssey, one of two major epic poetic works by Homer (not Simpson) is one of the world’s oldest literary works. Written in the 8th century BC, the epic poem spans 24 books/chapters and tells of the trials and tribulations faced by Odysseus, the King of Ithaca and his tumultuous 10 year journey home after the Trojan War. Through Iso Poetism, the pseudonym brand by Tobias Birk Nielsen, he translates his own emotions, trials and tribulations into technically crafted collections. With each season writing a new chapter in his own Futurist Odyssey.


For SS21, INSTINCTS is chapter 8 in the Iso Poetism Odyssey. Exploring the idea of existing and moving purely through instinct and impulse. As one would do if they come across troubled waters, whether literal or metaphorical. The vast expanse of the ocean and the universe as a whole also play as key inspirations, realised through new fabric development and dyeing techniques. Creating a distinctive visual fusion of Homers Ancient Greek Odyssey and the Space Odyssey of Stanley Kubrick.

“At its core the collection seeks to assimilate the necessity to navigate through uncomfortable emotions by reaching within our inherent capabilities to endure and persist”

It is in this 8th chapter that Tobias Birk Nielsen’s natural instinct led him to introduce the PALAVY. The PALAVY is the first model of footwear to be introduced by the brand since its inception in 2016. Encompassing the technical and aspects that the brand is known for and its use of experimental dyeing techniques, the PALAVY is a look completing addition to the range. As comfortable as it is aesthetically pleasing, the minimal sneaker/boot hybrid is designed to be an all-weather, trans seasonal piece. Crafted from the finest materials in Italy for what shall, be the first of many collaborations with renowned outsole makers Vibram.

The sock like upper is crafted from a breathable mesh and features waterproof contrasting panels along the toe box and up the shaft of the sneaker boot. Merging technical elements to create comfort and functionality. Two key elements of the PALAVY and the brand at its core.

The cage is crafted from a faux leather looking rubber, with a minimal bungee lacing system that locks the foot and heel down in the shoe. Almost resembling something that Odysseus himself would wear during his 10 year journey home, merged with a futurist upper.

The rear of the shaft features a zip and branded faux suede heel counter. This is all mounted upon a moulded chunky Eva rubber midsole and hard wearing rubber outsole by Vibram.

Tobias Birk Nielsen Palavy Sneakers


In keeping with the ethos of the brand, the uppers of the PALAVY have been hand dyed in 4 colour ways. In our selection we offer the SAND, with its varying neutral tones and in BLACK, like the monolith of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Due to their hand dyed production, the uppers would vary in colour and depth, thus making each one truly individual from the other.

“The whole idea of the shoe was to create a ‘sneaker-boot’ hybrid - with a lightness, easiness, flexibility from the sneaker, and stability as seen in a classic boot”

In INSTINCTS the signature wide brim JUNO Snail Hunter Hat returns in an acid jacquard and faded black wash. The LOEZ is a minimalist technical raincoat, with clean lines and side slits on each side with branded print on the chest, coming in both a faded black and acid jacquard whose effect is like that of marble.  It would not be a Tobias Birk Nielsen collection without a technical vest in the offering. The DAIICHI is a mix material vest with large upper chest pockets and two pouches on each panel, and featuring a magnetic clip closure. Reminiscent of the armour of a Trojan soldier or layers of survival wear of an astronaut. 


Tobias Birk Nielsen Coats for Men


Light weight and loose fitting, the cotton linen rib knit DHENAIN in a beautifully washed light olive green and black. It’s ergonomic raglan sleeve and hem allowing for ease of movement and contrasting technical 3D pouch pocket positioned on the chest, for added functionality.

The ANZIN short sleeve shirt in faded light green and black cotton with contrasting mesh panels, continues the concept of merging natural and technical fabrics. With the large 3D chest pocket also appearing as a functional detail. 

“Brutal is the waiting, it tears through your already torn, torn up mind. Yet answers it at the horizon. It might steal your breath for a second, but it will never steal you voice. You are not alone”

Ergonomics and mix fabrications continue into the jersey offering. The long sleeve ANGOT and the short sleeved CYTER. Both created from a fluid cotton jersey in washed light green or black  with contrasting viscose panels, curving across the back and inwards down the arm. Ending this chapter of the ISO Poetism Odyssey, The MESA base pants in the signature relaxed, drop crotch silhouette. Constructed from a faded black treated cotton, angled cargo pockets with bungee cord drawstring which also features at the leg openings. Adjusts and changes the fit and silhouette of the piece. 

With your natural instinct, dressed in pieces by Tobias Birk Nielsen, may you fearlessly go forth and reach your final destination adding chapters to your odyssey. Hopefully at a space age pace rather than the 10 years it took Odysseus to get home.

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Tobias Birk Nielsen Instincts SS21






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